The society of students of Andragogy and Pedagogy - DŠAP

The society of students of Andragogy and Pedagogy consists of students from the department of Pedagogy and Andragogy. The society was established on 9th of March 2009 with the purpose for the students to connect with each other and with the professors, for them to build the social networks, spread the knowledge and to gain the experiences in the field of our education.

The society arranges each year a number of professional and fun projects. In the past years we arranged round tables on the latest topics, duscussional meetings, visits of educational and andragogic institutions, one or more days tours over the Europe, movie nights, freshmen parties and multiple other events.

Every school year we especially try to arrange and finish the projects, that are rich in content, professional and interesting. However, since the society cannot exist without its members, all the students are welcome to join us.

For more informations regarding the official hours and latest events, visit us on our web page and FB profile DŠAP Društvo. You can also contact us via e-mail

We look forward to meet you!