Boštjan Potočnik, potocnik9@gmail.com

Diana Iskra, diana.iskra.1@gmail.com - koordinatorka tutorjev
Doroteja Jančar, doroteja93@gmail.com
Mark Užmah, mj.uzmah@gmail.com
Sara Ugrin, saraugrin3@gmail.com
Albina Čeplak, albina.ceplak@gmail.com

Student tutoring is a form of tutor activity, at wich students, mostly higher classes, help their collegues with every day issues of student life and help them with whe study program. They also help them solve the possible problems, questions and dillemas, that occur during the study period.

Why is it good to have a tutor?

  • He helps you at the start of your academic way
  •  He helps you with the transition from high school to the university environment
  •  He helps you with solving of general and specific problems on your way
  •  He advises you
  •  He encourages the cooperation and the strenghtening of direct contacts between students, teachers, department and the Faculty of Arts
  •  With his advises, knowledge and experiences, he can help you improve your study achievements

Tutors are students, that are always avalible to freshmen for any questions of advices. If you want to ask us something, just write! All the contacts are avalible on the web page.